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About one of every three couples that I meet with ask me if I would suggest that they have a wedding coordinator for their wedding.  To answer the question as simply as possible, “Yes, Yes YES!”  Wedding Coordinators, whether they are hired to plan the wedding with you or whether you just have them there for the day of the event, are well worth the money that you will spend on their services.

Wedding Coordinators can help you avoid the pitfalls of not knowing vendors in your area, they can negotiate the best prices, they can give you choices you never thought possible, they can keep you on budget, and they can help you make your vision for your wedding a reality.  I have officiated at far too many weddings that had no one to line up the wedding party, pin on the boutonnieres, or make sure everything ran smoothly.

Wedding Coordinators make the hectic nature of weddings flow absolutely seamless and take a lot of stress off the wedding party.

It is money well spent.