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I love beach weddings…anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Big waves, tourists the wander through, seagulls doing their thing all over your suit or dress. beach weddings are strictly for those who are not faint of heart.
Recently in was getting ready to perform such a beach wedding. I arrived at the state park and was waved through the gate by the ranger, who told me to head to beach number twelve.
Arriving at beach twelve I found the parking lot across the street from the boardwalk that led to the beach and so I pulled into a parking space adjacent to jacked up SUV. As Time got closer to the start of the ceremony I read over my ceremony script make sure every detail wa

s ready to go. Just then three surfers emerged from the surf, came over to the SUV and proceeded to strip out of their board shorts in front of all creation and change into kakhais and linen shirts. They introduced themselves to me later as the groom and this groomsmen.
Time for the ceremony came and still there was no sign on the bride and her parents. Guests we gathered under the shade of a picnic shelter. After a few calls the park ranger went to look for them.
Fifteen minutes passed and the ranger’s truck pulled up to the parking lot with the bride and her parents inside. Once out of the car they told the harrowing tale of driving through the park to the beach, only to be hit in the windshield by a large pelican. The father of the bride is a little cut up, her mom had glass chips on her clothes, and the bride had bird blood and feathers in her air.
No permanent injuries, one wrecked car, and a great story to tell.
And it all happened down the aisle.