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Rustic weddings are not the same as country weddings. At a wedding recently I was reminded of the differences. The couple had chosen the beautiful venue of a beautiful log cabin in the woods. Guests parked their cars along the mile long drive that led down to the cabin and circled back through the woods to the highway. As guests arrived they were handed cones of grass seed to throw into the air as the bride and groom made their way down the aisle after the ceremony.

The ceremony location was situated on the lawn behind the cabin, overlooking the spring-fed river in the background. White chairs on a lush green slope with a rustic vine-covered arbor were the setting for the nuptials to take place. Guests made their way to their seats and as is customary I went in before the ceremony to ask them to silence their cell phones.

As I walked down the aisle and then turned to speak with the guests I heard what I thought was a “moan” from behind me. I didn’t really pay attention at that point. It was only when a boy on the second row began to point that I turned around.
There, coming up the lawn toward me, was a leathery alligator of about eight feet creeping toward our ceremony site. Guests scrambled up the lawn back to the cabin like cats in a dog fight. I went to speak with the groom and the decision was made to call the game warden. There in front of all the guests the game warden was forced to “put down” the gator in the thought that it had lost its fear of humans.
Gator gone, Brett and Margaret walked down the aisle and became husband and wife. I often wondered if Margaret got a handbag from the deal or Brett a new wallet.

Whatever, it all happened down the aisle.