How the Cake Crumbles



Having the privilege of doing a couple of hundred weddings a year, I have the perspective of seeing bad decisions repeated over and over again.  Not hiring professionals to work at your wedding can be a tragic mistake.

Yes, I know that you love your favorite aunt and that her rum cake is the best you have ever tasted, but have you really thought through the decision of asking her to design, bake, and decorate your wedding cake.  A cake that will be in your wedding pictures FOREVER.  A cake that will be on display for all your family and friends to critique.  A cake that if not cooked precisely will either leave a sour taste in the mouth of your guests or worse yet send a few of them to the hospital.


Professional cake designers have rigorous criteria imposed on them by many state and local health inspectors.  They are preparing your wedding cake in a clean environment, free of tasting the batter with a spoon that is going to be stirring your icing and children running around with head colds.


If something goes wrong with the look of the cake the professional has years of experience where they can usually fix it on the spot.  You aunt; not so much.  A

lso, if things go terribly wrong you can always hash it out with the professional, but taking your aunt to task over a sour cake or one that looks horrible, could just ruin your relationship with her.


So take it from someone who has seen thousands of wedding cakes, both good and not so good.  Hire a professional and let your favorite aunt be a guest at your wedding.


And it all happens down the aisle

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