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You know I try very hard to have the most beautiful ceremonies possible. So when a young groom told me that for their wedding he had written a song to sing to his bride I thought it would be an excellent addition to the already beautifully romantic ceremony.

The day of the ceremony arrived and as I drove to the location along the rocky and pristine coast I couldn’t help imagining the love song this lover had written for his betrothed.

The setting was the ocean to our backs, guests seated under the fragrant mimosa trees, and us standing under the canopy of a oriental gazebo, decorated with hundreds of origami swans.  The bride had taken her grandmother’s vintage wedding dress and had it altered to fit her.  The groom emerged from his room dressed in what I would describe as silk Kung Fu pajamas and pointed toed house slippers.

The traditional ceremony was beautiful.  The bride and groom both wrote personal vows to each other, telling the other why they loved them.

After a few readings came the cue for the groom to take his place and sing to his bride.  To the amazement of the guests(and myself) the groom unbuttoned his shirt, removed it, to reveal a tattoo spelling the name of his bride across his chest in three inch high letters.  He then grabbed his guitar, plugged it in, and began to sing a song that I can only compare to sounds I’ve heard at the dog pound on a moonlit night…Ahooooooooo!

The guests sat in stunned silence and I tried to hide the shock from my face as he finished his serenade, put back on his shirt, and rejoined his bride in front of me.

I pronounced them husband and wife and during the photos the groom turned and asked me how I liked his song.  After carefully thinking of what I was going to say I replied, ” I am sure everyone who heard it can now attest to your love for your wife and of your staggering musical talent.”

And it all happened down the aisle.