Floating Lantern



I love the romantic touches that some couples add to their wedding ceremonies.  Unity candles, sand ceremonies and more recently more and more couples have been releasing floating lanterns.  Gary and Gerry were such a couple.  Dressed in attire that was more reminiscent of a century ago, they decided to release a floating lantern at the end of the ceremony.  The ceremony itself took place on the sixth floor rooftop terrace of a historic inn.


As the couple took their balsa matches and lit the beautiful lantern, it filled with beauty and light.  The couple together lifted it above their heads and released it to fly into the night.  But just as the floating lantern reached the wall around terrace it hovered over the edge and dropped all six stories to the canopied entrance of the hotel and rested there for but a moment.  A moment long enough to ignite the canopy on fire and give the lantern the heat it needed to rise again.


Fire trucks could be heard as I pronounced the couple husband and wife and the image of the floating lantern flew off in the distance.  And it all happened, down the aisle.

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