Coins in Her Shoe



Recently I was officiating an outdoor wedding rehearsal and after a couple of processionals and recessionals we were getting ready to leave.  As it would be, the grandmother of the groom was left sitting in a chair in the front of the ceremony site and no one escorted her out.  I walked down the aisle, offered my arm to her, and led her down the sidewalk.

She told me during our walk, that she was just fifteen when she was married.  “That is young,” I replied.  “How old was your husband?” and she said eighteen.

“He was a lumberjack from Canada and came down to Wisconsin and met me.  We decided to elope.  Upon reaching the courthouse, he stopped me and reached in his pocket.  He pulled out some change and handed me a dime, a nickel, and a penny and told me to put them in my shoe. After doing so we started up the steps of the courthouse, but before we reached the door I asked him. Why did you want me to put that change in my shoe?  To which he replied; when the judge asks you how old you are, you can tell him you are Over 16.”

And it all happened down the aisle.


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