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Balancing family and a wedding orientated business is often a challenge. When the kids are out of school for holidays and weekend, brides and grooms need your attention. Some of the time, those challenges work the other way though. This past year my now teenage son was struggling with all the changes that we each face in life; voice changing, trying to fit in, and even class bullies.

To say that my son was scrawny (and only a father can say that) would be an understatement. At just over five feet tall and probably around ninety pounds, he was no Adonis. My son’s strengths lay in his quick wit and intellect. Those are two things that bullies hate, so he was a frequent target.

I’ve always taught my kids that if someone is picking on you repeatedly and you can’t get them to stop, tell a teacher or adult. If the problem continues after speaking with an adult, then I want them to knock that bully’s light out. If they get sent home from school for defending themselves, then I’ll treat them to a day in the local theme parks.
My son had repeatedly been picked on by a boy that I only knew as Jason. After calls to his teachers, it had not stopped but gotten worse. The day finally came when the bully would meet his match in the nerdy kid. As my son entered class, the bully hit him in the back of the head with a text book, at which time my son popped the kid squarely in the nose and made him tumble over the desks.

Both boys were of course sent to the office and parents were called to pick up their children. When I arrived my son was in one office and the bully and his mother in another. After speaking with the principal, I got ready to leave, but my curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to see my son’s nemesis. As I leaned around the corner and peered through the tiny window on the office door, I was shocked; not at the boy, but his mother.
I quickly turned to my son and told him to go to the car. He asked “What’s up?” I told him “Nevermind, just get to that car.” When I reached the car and pulled out of the parking lot, I asked my son if he knew the name of the bully. As quick as lightening he responded that it was “Jason.” I asked, “Do you know Jason’s last name.” “No,” he replied. “Well, I can tell you his last name is Brooks and do you want to know why I know this piece of information?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders and waited for my response.
“I’m performing  his mother’s wedding on Saturday” I told him. I think I laughed so hard that we both cried.
When Saturday arrived and I stood there performing the ceremony, it was almost humorous to see a lovely bride, a handsome groom, and a teenage groomsman with a black eye.
And it all happened down the aisle.
Note: The bully never bothered my son again, the names have been changed so the bully wouldn’t feel picked on, and the bride and groom loved the ceremony I performed for them.