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Weddings are usually a well planning out and choreographed work of art.  It takes months to pick out all the colors, coordinate everything from bridesmaids dresses to types of pins that will hold on the grooms boutonniere,  and such a fragile balance of art and hard work can be brought to a complete stop by one thing—the BEST MAN.

In the third Indiana Jones movie, Indy faces three trials in his search for the Holy Grail; only to be confronted by a very old knight uttering the words “choose wisely.”  Heed that advice as you pick the one who will walk down the aisle, stand by your side, hold your rings during the ceremony, and make a toast at your reception.  Practical jokers need not apply!

The task of the best man hales from the days of Scottish clans.  So why would such a noble position be relegated to someone who is going to search their pockets and pretend they cannot find your wedding rings.  Over the years I have seen almost everything happen when I ask for the rings.  They have come down the aisle on a pillow carried by a major domo or ring bearer, they have been handed to me tied into sea shells, I’ve seen best men search their pockets, the pockets of the groom, and the pockets of other groomsmen.  I’ve had best men retrieve rings from whiskey bottles, around cigars, off dog collars, and out of gum ball machines.  I’ve been handed toy rings, rings tied to string, candy rings, and even onion rings.

So for all you future BEST MEN out there, take note:  This is not your wedding;   you are only an honored guest.  Do not attempt to steal the spotlight from the groom and bride.  You walk a treacherously fine line when you play the fool in front of family and friends.  You may prove yourself not such a “best man” after all.