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I love weddings that take place just as the sun is setting.  The feel of the air, the orange and purple glow of the sky, and silhouettes of the trees is almost magical.  This past weekend I was to be part of a ceremony that when scheduled was to coincide with the setting of the sun at a popular golf resort.   I arrived at the venue with plenty of time to get my microphone on, check with the bride and groom, and say a ‘Hello’ to the venue coordinator.

When speaking with the coordinator she told me that the ceremony would be delayed for a little while.  There was a local high school just down the street and the students were having a dance that night of which many of the students were out running around the golf course.  As time passed we realized that the teenagers were not leaving the course in a timely manner and that it was going to be pushing the wedding later and later.

Beth, the coordinator, said that she would get the course cleared of the teens so that we could get started.  She told me to follow her to the golf shop located next to the patio where the ceremony was to be held.  She opened the door, walked across the floor of the shop and proceeded to turn on the sprinkler system for the holes and greens behind the ceremony site.  Teens screamed and ran from the course to their cars; some didn’t run fast enough and they got drenched.

The wedding began.  The wrought iron arch was aglow with tiny candles hanging down around my head as the bridal party entered.  The ceremony was almost flawless.  As the bride and groom began to exchange vows it became apparent that bugs were attracted to the candles hanging around us.  Mark, the groom, blew at a few gnats to keep them out of his face before he recited his vows;  but just as I turned and asked Jennifer to “look into the eyes of the one she loved and repeat her vows to him” a June Bug flew in front of the bride and as she swatted it away and missed;  it flew and hit my front teeth and fell down my throat.  Coughing and gasping I tried to keep my composure, but as I read the vows for Jennifer to repeat it sounded like a cartoon voice coming from my mouth.  The bug was down my throat trying to climb out.    With my face turned away from the guests I swallowed hard, the bug slid down my throat, and I enjoyed an appetizer of June Bug.

And it all happened Down the Aisle!