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Recently I was scheduled to perform the wedding of a most admirable couple. When challenges or circumstances attempt to overwhelm them they just seem to roll with the punches. Their wedding day would be one of those times, but once again they took advantage of the moment and celebrated in a way that I’ve never had the opportunity to experience before.
The couple’s wedding was scheduled to take place at Lake Eola, in downtown Orlando. About ten minutes before the wedding, as guests were getting in place for the ceremony, there was a clap of thunder and the skies opened up into a torrential downpour. This was not small trickle, in fact it rained so hard that seams of my umbrellas could not withstand the force of the rain and I was becoming increasingly wet.
In an attempt to escape the deluge I went across the street to the warm and dry Panera Bread. As soon as I opened the door the aroma of warm bread filled my senses and I made a path for some of their wonderful lemonade. As I was being served my drink I asked for the manager and told Vanessa, the plight of the wedding party standing in the rain. As quick as a greyhound she jumped into action and invited the entire wedding party to come in to the restaurant.
As the wedding guests entered the employees brought out dry towels to help them clean up and dry off. Because of the rain the store was not that crowded and we were able to rearrange some table and create an isle through the back, laid down a white runner, and I had the privilege of performing my first wedding ceremony in a Panera Bread.
When the couple was pronounced husband and wife, the patrons of the restaurant, the employees, and the guests stood, applauded, and celebrated.
Thank you Panera Bread for allowing this wonderful wedding to take place. Thank you Vanessa for your care and concern. You really made this wedding one to remember. And thank you to the employees, who stepped out of their everyday role to help make this wedding a reality for this wonderful couple.
And it all happened down the aisles…