Over the years I heard horror stories of how badly those invited to be a part of the wedding party can completely destroy a wedding day.  Recently I was at a wedding at a prestigious country club.  With all the posh and fanfare of a high class establishment you would think that it would escape the entanglements that seem to flow freely through lower, less polished establishments and clientele.  Not so!

I entered the venue through doors opened by gentlemen in sport coats and greeted by the major domo of the resort.  He quickly recognized my role in the wedding and pointed me in the direction of where the bridal party was getting ready.  First a stop at the spacious lounge for the groom and his party revealed empty whisky bottles and glasses strong about the room.  Once I assessed that the groom was cognoscente of the decision he was about to make, I went looking for the bride and her party.

After knocking at the door for what seemed an eternity I was led down a hallway and before I even reached the door I could hear yelling and arguing over the ambient music of the resort.  The maid of honor had arrived an hour late, just 20 minutes before the wedding.  She was not dressed for the wedding, but in gym shorts and a tank top and her hair looked like she had just gotten out of the pool.  The dress that she was supposed to wear for the ceremony had not been tried on since it was left with the seamstress and of course it was too long and too tight.  She got so aggravated with those around her that she then threw her professionally dyed shoe at another bridesmaid and broke off the heel of her left shoe.  Broken heel, dress too long and tight, hair all a mess…she decides to just sit in the middle of the floor and pitch a temper tantrum, screaming at the top of her lungs.

Whose wedding is this anyway?  It is not her moment to shine, but to carefully, tenderly point all the attention to the bride.  An hour passes while a spoiled brat of a woman carries on and delays the wedding of her “best friend.”  Two hundred guests sat in white wooden chairs for almost an hour in the Florida sun waiting for the wedding to begin.  What did the bride do?  She did the most noble of things I have ever seen.  She gathered the other ladies together, lined them up to process down the aisle, and then called security to have her maid of honor removed from the venue…in her un-hemmed, too tight dress, with her hair in a towel, wearing only one shoe.

And it all happened down the aisle.